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| February 5, 2013 | 0 Comments

Have you hit a Life Reset Button? We want to hear about it. Life is full of twists and turns. Every now and then you’ll hit your Life Reset Button. When you do, we’re interested. We want to hear of successes, failures, and combinations of both. How many times have you heard “that’s a great story”. By sharing your story with Life Reset Button you’ll have the opportunity to inspire and help others. Where is your Life Reset taking you? We want to know. And it great to follow people through their journey. If you’ve planned and planned — and the moment is almost upon you to actually hit that Life Reset Button, we’d love to follow your story from start to finish and let others share in your triumphs and challenges.
We hope to hear from YOU!

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L. R. Buttonhead is the world's leading expert on life changes. L.R. believes that every person deserves the opportunity to reset their lives. L.R. is committed to providing a forum to those who either need assistance with their life resets or to those who have a genuine desire to help them. L.R. is a media superstar who has appeared all around the earth on the world wide web.

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