The ‘Maker Movement’ is Coming!

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I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do. ~ Leonardo da Vinci

By Garland Scruggs – What exactly is the Maker Movement? It’s a fast evolving subculture to make things for ourselves, ourselves; and most importantly — share. It can be life changing to take control of your life and this ‘reset button’ is particularly powerful when you dig in and start to understand it. It began with DIY – home improvement and woodworking – and is quickly evolving and utilizing technology. This is a cutting edge movement utilizing technology that runs the gamut from hand made to growing and making your own food to sharewhare to robots to, well, most anything you can make…yourself. The focus is on resourcefulness, invention, and creativity and applying them in very practical ways.

There are numerous motivations for getting involved in the Maker Movement. It can be to learn new ways to stretch your dollars; however, it can be much more important. The ablility to ‘Make’ is critical in the event of catastrophe for sure. Just ask the people affected by Hurricane Sandy. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to force us into a situation where you have to ‘make do’; to become a Maker out of necessity. Usually there is a safety net; organized charitable assistance or neighbors helping neighbors. Power companies eventually get the power back on in a days or weeks at most. But in the interim ready-to-go ‘Maker Skills’ can make all the difference between hardship and relative comfort.

Interested in networking with other ‘Makers’ and learning more? There’s a Maker Faire for getting together with other Makers. It’s been going since 2006 and has now grown to over 100,000 attendees. Mini-Maker Faires have sprung up all over the country as well as all over the world. Mr. Dale Dougherty is the organizer of these events said in his TED video on the movement that “We are born makers”. Check out a Maker Faire and I’m sure you’ll become a believer.

Do you like technology? The emergence of reasonably priced 3D printers is a very compelling development in the ‘Maker Movement’. Check out the Portabee; It’s a $500 3D printer. According to the Portabee web site “They are so much damn fun and we feel it’s our responsibility to push them out into the hands of the world.” Eventually, these types of devices will enable you to ‘print’ your own functional tools, coffee cups, or even items like a bicyle. Look out Wal Mart!

Former Assistant Secretary of HUD Catherine Austin Fitts was recently a guest on the national radio program Coast To Coat AM and spoke about the value of the Maker Movement in relation to personal finances. Her web site, The Solari Report Blog is focused on “Building Wealth in Changing Times”. She spoke about the importance of individual voices and the Maker Movement at the local and community level as being THE agent for real, positive change; especially when you feel helpless in the tide of national politics and policies. She’s a strong believer in the importance of self sufficiency in terms of having the knowledge to fix and build things. Her ideas are definitely worth checking out.

Are you a ‘Maker’? Do you know one? Comment on this article or ‘Tell Us Your Story”.

Maker Faire photo credit: jabella via photopin cc 3D Printer photo credit: darell.tan via photopin cc
Vegetable in Hands photo credit: Monica Arellano-Ongpin via photopin cc

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