How to hit your SPORTS Life Reset Button

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It’s hard to imagine, when you’re at the height of your physicality, that someday you might not be able to get that competitive  ‘sports release’.  But it happens to everyone if you live long enough.  It’s true for all levels of competitive sports; there are no exceptions.  How do you deal with it?  That’s the question!

Top 6 (good) ways to deal with it:

  1. Prepare – Invest thought and research into discovering something outside your primary athletic area that you enjoy (besides sex and drinking).  One day, your athletic performance will drop and you will find success in it.  Aggressively deal with it before that day comes.
  2. Compete at a lower level – If you’re getting older, seek similar age competition.  And if you love to win, seek older competition! (that works sometimes…)  Keep on competing; older does not equal dead.
  3. Hobbies – Sometimes hobbies arrive in the most unforseen ways; they discover you sometimes when you seek what you really like to do with your “off” time.  But to be a successful hobbiest a real commitment is required.  Love it or leave it.
  4. Work – For some, working and climbing the ladder of success in business is a great substitute.   Success is relative – set your goals realistically.
  5. Get help – If you just can’t find the ‘right’ thing, seek professional help.  Maybe a good counselor or psychiatrist can help.  Don’t let your pride, or actually, your competitive nature keep you from getting help.  There are too many formerly successful athletes who commit suicide; and that’s a sad way to go not to mention the fallout among family and friends (it’s one of the most painful ways to lose someone).
  6. Share – You obviously did something well.  As you lose your edge that can be a signal to give back.  Become the teacher; impart your wisdom on willing students of your craft.

Bottom 3 (bad) ways to deal with it:

  1. Gamble – It is addictive and can ruin any level of wealth.  You hear a lot about famous, successful athletes turning to the ‘thrill’ of gambling to take the place of the athletic competition.  They are playing with fire.
  2. Drink or drugs – It is addictive and can ruin any level of … life.  Don’t litter – with your life.
  3. Give up – There is ALWAYS someone who cares.  L.R. Buttonhead always cares!

L.R. Buttonhead believes that — above all, never forget how good you were and find alternatives that you deep-down, truly enjoy.

Do you have some tips on dealing with the loss of competitive greatness?  We’d like to hear from you.

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